As an influencer, I work closely with you to create a purposeful strategy for your business.

Each service is carefully tailored towards your business goals and needs. 

Social Media Strategy

Each social media strategy is tailored towards your business. The strategy will establish credibility in your respective field and generate revenue through increased business growth. 

Platform Management

In order to execute purposeful marketing, Sosyal Gal keeps track of each client's social media platforms, engages with audiences, and successfully manages your brand's online presence. 

Content Creation

From photoshoots to videography, Sosyal Gal executes through creative solutions to help aid your brand's tailored social media campaigns. 


By closely monitoring each social media platform and campaign, Sosyal Gal can measure the success of your digital brand and make necessary changes to better suit your goals.   


Along with successful execution, Sosyal Gal leverages yours or your business' personal strengths  in order to form a strong and cohesive brand identity.  

Event Planning

Cross-promotional events are key to any successful marketing campaign. Sosyal Gal's services include planning events and attending client functions for social media purposes and content creation.