I lived in the United Kingdom when I was nine years old. My mom would pack me Filipino-style lunches (Adobo, Lumpia — you name it, she packed it). Prior to immigrating to England, lunch time would be my favorite time of the day. 


Side note: I spent my first eight years of childhood in the Philippines. The hot + sweltering conditions naturally called for large meals in order to re-energize and re-hydrate the body. Aside from the amazing gastronomic culture in Manila, I was simply a hungry kid ready for lunch.

So simple hunger would explain the adobo + white rice packed lunches. Right? Wrong. 

The thing about kids is that they simply want to belong. They are unnecessarily brutal when it comes to things they don't understand. I would be bullied due to the food associated with my culture. 

I took this to heart and went home crying to my mom for several days. I remember being fed up of being outcasted and asked my mom if we could go to the grocery store and buy cucumber sandwiches and potato chips. No more rice for me.

When we moved to California, I was more comfortable with bringing Filipino food to school. In a way, California re-introduced me to my love for food — I mean, how could it not? 

The Golden State is a microcosm of the world; I like to think that also describes my appetite. 


So, I hope you join me in my travels through eating — and eventually finding my way back home through cooking.  

Love always,


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